You’re going to fail with Big Data.

We prevent that from happening.

We mentor your team on best practices,

show your management team how to run successful Big Data projects,

and teach your technical team Big Data technologies.

We guarantee results and success.

Team Mentoring

We have a step-by-step system for mentoring companies.

Management Training

We show your management team how to run successful Big Data projects.

Technical Training

Our courses teach the latest technologies such as: The Cloud, Big Data, and Hadoop.

Guaranteed Results

Our guarantee of the results and success your team will have.

We teach businesses how

Big Data makes you more

profitable, productive, and preeminent.

Most training companies focus on just the technical parts of Big Data. We teach technical courses too, but we go further. We teach the management side of Big Data. Both parts go hand-in-hand to create successful Big Data projects.

See how our unique approach makes for proven results.

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How Are Programming and Distributed Systems Different?

In my book Data Engineering Teams, I separate out programming as a different skill than distributed systems. The section is the “Skills Needed in a Team” and talks about the various skills that a data engineering team needs. Several people have emailed me for clarification about this distinction. Aren’t programming and distributed systems the same […]

Announcement: Data Engineering Teams Book

I’m really tired of seeing Big Data projects fail. They fail for both technical and managerial reasons. They all fail for similar reasons and that’s just sad because we can fix or prevent them. Gartner’s research shows that 85% of Big Data projects don’t even make it into production. Only 15 percent of businesses reported […]