You have a new data engineering team

with their first Big Data project starting next quarter

and it needs to be a success.

Do you know how you are going to deliver?

Most companies will teach you one technology and call it a day,

but we teach you the whole ecosystem of Big Data projects you need to be successful.

How We Focus

We are the company top companies turn to for proven success.

What We Teach

Our courses teach the latest on The Cloud, Big Data and Hadoop.

How We Train

We use most innovative methods to understand Hadoop complex concepts with ease.

How We Help

Get the help you need to verify your Hadoop solution meets its goals.

We teach businesses how

Big Data makes you more

profitable, productive, and preeminent.

Most training companies focus on just the technical parts of Big Data. We teach technical courses too, but we go further. We teach the management side of Big Data. Both parts go hand-in-hand to create successful Big Data projects.

See how our unique approach makes for proven results.

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